Video Game Deep Cuts: on hiatus!

Thanks for reading!

Hey all,

Well, I’m happy that Video Game Deep Cuts made it past 200 newsletters! That’s the good bit. But sadly, all good things must pause, and four years into the VGDC project, I’ve decided to hang up my hat for a while on it.

Couple of reasons: firstly, COVID-19 has made things complicated for everyone, including myself in both dayjob and health (and until recently, childcare!) variants. I’m imagining everyone has some variant of this in their life, and I need to focus a bit more.

Secondly, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Game Discoverability Now! (go subscribe!), my other Substack newsletter that’s geared more towards game developers and how they find an audience. I’m finding a lot to say there, and I feel like it’s making a concrete difference to people who make games.

Some of the VGDC content is going to other places, though, as follows:

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me on this project over the past four years, and everyone I’ve linked to. Keep up the amazing work out there, and speak to you soon.

Yours truly,
Simon Carless