Video Game Deep Cuts: The Ghost Of Id's Pro Skater

From the genius to the sublime.

[Ah, this Id Software candid - fronted by the two Johns - never fails to entertain.]

Well, we seem to be approaching the 200th issue of Video Game Deep Cuts (now on Substack), my dear readers. And I’m still enjoying putting these together - though formatting them is a bit of a slog - since it helps organize the cool things I saw.

Hope you’re holding up, out there in Internetland.

- Simon, curator

The Current: New Games To Consider

The Culture: Game Culture & Deep Dives

The Past: Game History

  • LSD: Dream Simulator’s unofficial English localization is a chance to play and savor the highly experimental PlayStation 1 title. 📰

The Other Goodness

Thanks for reading, and see you next week.