Video Game Deep Cuts: XCOM's Cloudpunk Industries Of Titan

That's a word salad!

We’re back again! Regarding this week’s header pic, the Japan Retro Game Association is refurbishing Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) consoles “to [provide to] 100 households with kids who have to stay at home due to the coronavirus.” How wholesome.

Otherwise, I hope everyone is still dealing OK (enough) with the super weird real-life situation still playing out. I’m still on sabbatical, working on my game discoverability newsletter & this one, and wrestling a small child who is definitely not at preschool. Wish me luck!

- Simon, curator

The Current: Recent Games In The Spotlight

  • Cloudpunk (Steam, PC - pictured) is “a story-driven delivery game set in a stunning voxel metropolis”, and looks gorgeous. 📰

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The Other Goodness

There’s so much out there - this is just a chunk! See you next week, folks…