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Hey, I’m Simon, and I spend MANY hours every week producing Video Game Deep Cuts, a weekly newsletter that features the best longer-form articles & videos you might have missed about the state, future, & history of video games.

Welcome to the rebooted version of VGDC on up-and-coming subscription newsletter platform Substack!

The existing newsletter - here’s the latest one - is a ‘best of the Web’ for video game culture, and has thousands of weekly subscribers and almost 200 editions from its previous home on Tinyletter.

I’m a video game industry veteran who has worked as a game developer (at Atari & Eidos), helped to run the massive Independent Games Festival, GDC events & Gamasutra, & advise hit indie game publisher No More Robots. And I truly love games & game culture!

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We’re also adding new content every month, including a regular new ‘All Time Greats’ newsletter. This features some of the best game writing & videos of all time, handpicked & commentated on by notable game developers, critics, and figures.